Google explains why the fingerprint reader of Pixel 6 mobiles is slow

Based on the news published so far, it may seem that the global tech press, and with them, are running some expiration campaign against the recently unveiled Pixel 6 mobiles. 

Of course, this is out of the question, but unfortunately, no matter how many times Google’s news comes into the spotlight, it’s almost always due to something wrong or something that bothers users. For example, many people think that the fingerprint reader of the devices does its job very slowly. Fortunately, the search giant has an explanation for the phenomenon.

In case you might not know, the Google Pixel and Pixel 6 Pro have an optical biometric sensor mounted under the display, which has been receiving a lot of criticism on the internet lately. Complaining users say the gadget is slow and unreliable, but Google says it’s out of the question.

The company shared an announcement on an official Twitter account called Made by Google that the phenomenon is driven by improved security algorithms that could extend users’ fingerprint authentication. In other words, different security results in more symbolic execution, at least according to Google.

The share also includes a link to a support page that you can click to access a guide. This allows users to ensure the optimal operation of their fingerprint reader. Incidentally, the fingerprint readers of the Google Pixel 6 smartphones have also received some unwanted attention.

It has recently been revealed that these modules are tied to the motherboard of the devices, which makes it much more difficult to make repairs related to the screen.

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