This is how Google removes their camera holes from the Pixel 6

The first buyers have already received their Pixel 6 and 6 Pro mobiles in recent weeks, but many say Google has released its news with semi-finished software that reads about several bugs.

There are some particularly annoying ones, and of course, they are funny, now we show an example of the latter. While most people are getting used to perforated displays, Google offers a software option to hide the camera. The point of the feature would be to put a black bar on top so the dark dot won’t be as noticeable. Well, with Pixel 6, it works like this:

A second “virtual” hole appears on the display

The black bar doesn’t make much sense if the clock and the tiny top icons are lowered and another black spot appears below. We hope to fix the bug soon, though that’s not the biggest problem with the new Google phones.

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