Production of Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phones will be shut down permanently

So far, it has been speculated that Samsung has no plans to launch a new Note phone, and a recent report says the current generation will soon be phased out, so there’s a good chance the series will go out entirely.

According to ET News, the Galaxy Note 20 will end before the end of the year. So far, an estimated 3.2 million copies of the series have been made and are still in demand today, although they are far from selling as well as the S21 phones.

This could be the Galaxy S22 Ultra (source: LetsGoDigital)

With the Galaxy Note 20, which made its debut last year, the series could be entirely over, as no more Note phones have arrived this year, and Samsung is reportedly not planning to do so again next year.

Fortunately, Samsung won’t wholly leave fans of the series alone, as the S22 Ultra coming next year is said to be entirely like a Note mobile. Compared to the S22 and S22 +, the phone will have a much more angular design, and the S Pen will also have a place in the house.

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