Halo Infinite Limited Edition Xbox Series X price doubles

The price just keeps rising

Yesterday, Gamescom launched, Geoff Keighley’s opening event announced a ton of games. You can find our summary here. One of the big stars undeniably was Halo Infinite, which finally got its release date. The FPS game will be released on December 8.

This year, the franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary, so that Microsoft will launch a beautiful, special Xbox Series X modelled after Master Chief armour. The console comes with a lavish Elite controller and Halo Infinite download code. As expected, unfortunately, profiteers have also appeared, and they are already offering the special console on eBay for double the price.

A Twitter user spotted the console, which has a list price of $550, being sold for $1,100 in the digital marketplace. The bindery of the matter is that you can’t even get the console in pre-order. At least when writing this article, there is no such option at Microsoft, either directly or from a reseller. Another twist is that profiteers have appeared in the UK, where a bill to ban the use of profiteering sticks from the country was presented back in February. The bill was passed back in February, but unfortunately, it hasn’t moved forward at all since then, so profiteers can still keep their heads (or sticks) up wherever they want.

The reason for the hard GPU shortage is partly due to the machination of profiteers. Video cards are also heavily purchased by bots, as are console hardware. The virus adds a shovel to this and the fact that the production of the cards requires incredible engineering precision, so only 2 manufacturers are responsible globally for the latter. In these circumstances, it is no wonder that it has been almost a year since the generational change, but there is still a lack of hardware.


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