How to Earn Money from home with Utest in 2022

Yes! you can earn money as a Utestor

Have you ever searched for ways to make money online but didn’t find how? Utest is a legitimate testing company that provides work for its community of Testors worldwide.

If you want to or are interested, you too can become a Utestor. The steps are pretty simple, and all you need is a Computer or Mobile phone device and an active Internet connection. I have been a Utestor for about four years and have earned some pocket money during that time. Heck, it is helping me even now since Covid-19 has turned many lives upside down. Many people are out of work.

What is Utest?

uTest was founded by Doron Reuveni and Roy Solomon with the vision of building a global community of crowd testers, testing on real devices in real-time, as their website states. Utest trains its testors as they join the community and test from time to time. There are active projects that deal with vulnerabilities or bugs in mobile applications and websites, and your job will be to find them and report them to the Admin of that project. Don’t worry, and it is not as hard as you may think. If you don’t understand something, you have the opportunity to ask the Team Leader of the project, and they’ll be glad to help you out.

How do you earn money on uTest?

Your payout is project-based. uTest will invite you to testing projects that match your profile. You then review the tasks we ask you to complete and decide whether or not you want to participate. Each project will feature different tasks to complete. In the end, we will review your work and pay you for approved work. Payout details for each project are available for your review before accepting the project invitation.

NB: You should have a Paypal Account or Payoneer account to receive your payments

Utest Payments

How do you sign up for Utest?

That’s relatively easy. First, you go to their website herethen you sign up with your Full name, Email Address, Date of Birth, and Select the language you speak. It’s that simple! Then click on Next.

Invites to Projects

Stay alert to your emails cause Utest will send you projects via the email address you provided to them. You should be quick to claim those projects cause some have limited space or slots. When you check the project and feel that you’re not interested, you can decline. Don’t worry, and it won’t have any impact on your Utest profile.

You will usually receive about 1-2 Invites a week, but if you submit quality work, you will begin to notice an increase in invites, usually multiple a day.

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