How to Register For Vodafone Cash Ghana

Register for Vodafone cash both online and with an agent

Vodafone cash is a primary concern when discussing Ghana’s best mobile cash networks with fewer misrepresentation issues in Ghana. Vodafone Ghana appeared on 17 August 2008 when they procured 70% of Ghana Telecom from the Ghanaian government at the expense of $900 million.

In March 2015, Vodafone Ghana dispatched its versatile cash stage naming it Vodafone Cash. This help was dispatched for clients to securely make exchanges without conveying money and consistently joining the bank line.

What can Vodafone Cash be used for?

  1. You can top up your Airtime and Internet data packages
  2. You can make purchases online if the service accepts mobile money as payment
  3. You can transfer money
  4. You can also request loans

If you are a Vodafone client and need to do any of these, you first need to enlist your sim card for Vodafone Cash; in this article, I will take you through how to enroll your Vodafone Cash both physically and online.

The most effective method to Register For Vodafone Cash In Ghana

Before getting started, you need to have the following requirements,

  1. A Valid Ghanaian National ID (Driver’s Licence, Passport, Voter’s ID)
  2. A Registered Vodafone Sim Card

You can then follow the steps beneath to enlist or register for Vodafone Cash in Ghana:

  1. Visit the closest Vodafone cash specialist with your distinguishing proof of Identity to enlist. Call the Vodafone client care line 100 and reveal that you need to enroll in Vodafone Cash.
  2. An approved specialist will take all the data you require and afterward set it up for you.
  3. Within brief minutes you will get a confirmation message that your account has been initiated.
  4. Press 0 to initiate your account, and afterward, you will need to enter your PIN. Type your PIN and never share it with anybody, not even with the Vodafone client care specialist.

Instructions to Register Your Vodafone Cash Account Online

  1. Visit
  2. You will be prompted to fill in the Vodafone Cash Customer Application Form. Fill in your first and last name, date of birth, gender, residential address, ID type, number, and email. After that, hit Register.
  3. Wait for a confirmation message and email, and after that, follow the procedure by selecting 0 to confirm your account.
  4. Set up a PIN and then confirm it.


Have you at any point been contemplating whether you can enlist for Vodafone cash without visiting their office? Then, at that point, the appropriate response is yes, you can.

To do such, dial 100, which is their client assistance line, or fill the Vodafone Cash Customer Application structure on the authority site.

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