There would be no wireless charging or LED lights on the Nothing Phone (1) Lite

Following the popularity of the Nothing Phone (1), there are already whispers about a terminal that will replace the one that has generated much discussion.

There have been rumours that the business will introduce the Nothing Phone (2), but it appears that we will first see a scaled-down version of the present model, the Nothing Phone (1) Lite. As we can see on TheMobileIndian, this popular phone’s Lite version would forgo several capabilities to reduce costs and introduce a more affordable brand.

The Nothing Phone (1) Lite’s back would have a clearer glass view and would do away with the Nothing Phone (1)’s distinctive led lights. By doing this, the wireless charging coil for the Nothing Phone (1) would also be removed, leaving this Lite model exclusively with cable charging. The bundled 42W charger can still be used to charge the Nothing Phone (1) Lite at 33W.

Other speculations claim that because the LEDs and the wireless charging coil were removed, the phone would have a larger 5,000 mAh battery. According to some reports, the cost of the upcoming Nothing Phone (1) Lite will begin at 24,999 rupees, which is equivalent to 310 dollars for a model with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Although there are more and more rumours of the release of this Lite version, nothing has officially disputed the existence of this phone.

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