Support for Android apps in Windows 11 has started

Android apps working on windows 11

In addition to the cosmetic renewal of Windows 11, one of the most anticipated developments was native support for Android applications, but this feature was unfortunately omitted from the first release. 

Fortunately, what’s delayed doesn’t matter, so beta users can already take advantage of the option, although the list of officially available apps is still quite limited at the moment.

So, Windows 11 users included in Windows Insider can use the new feature, including downloading the Beta Channel update. Once you have these, you will have the option to install Android apps through the Amazon Appstore by default. (Update: currently only works in the US region, but this can be played out in principle .)

Initially, supply is pretty tight, with roughly 50 apps available in the app store for Windows 11, but keep in mind this is still just a beta version. We anticipate that there will be continued expansion, and later even the full range of the Amazon Appstore may be available to Windows users.

Fortunately, the possibilities are not exhausted now. APK files can also be installed via ADB, so almost anything can be run.

Android, Linux, and Windows apps can even run on Windows 11 at the same time.

By the way, Microsoft’s announcement can be read here. What may be even more interesting is that Android apps are run by a completely new subsystem called “Windows Subsystem for Android.” It runs on the Linux kernel and uses the open-source release (AOSP) of version 11 of the Android system.

We don’t yet know exactly when the feature will be available to all Windows 11 users, but we can probably expect that in the next few months.


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