Samsung Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra battery capacity has been revealed

The 3C office recently certified two Samsung SDI batteries that can be used inside Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra based on model number. The capacity of the batteries is the same as that previously published by a trusted leaker.

The battery intended for the interior of the Samsung Galaxy S22+ bears the number EB-BS906BY and has a nominal capacity of 4370 mAh, which means that the specific ability will be 4500 mAh. It’s not as bladed as the Samsung Galaxy S21+ battery, which has a capacity of 4,800 mAh, but luckily, there’s only a minimal downgrade.

The other battery will be installed in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra models. The battery will have the number EB-BS908ABY, with a nominal capacity of 4855 mAh. Based on this, the specific ability will be 5000 mAh. The exact number of batteries are working under the current Ultra packaging cover, so there will be no change here.

The battery of the basic model is not on the certificate lists. Still, according to Ice Universe, we understand that the device will be powered by a 3800 mah battery, smaller than the current Galaxy S21 4000 mAh battery.

Samsung is reportedly testing the 65-watt fast charging for the Galaxy S22 model. The company has never gone towards 45 watts before, and this method is not used very often, with 25 watts of ceiling for S21 phones.

If the 65-watt fast charging is introduced with the new flagships, the adapter used will be the EP-TA85 model number (and will undoubtedly have to be purchased separately). The charging head produces an output voltage of 20 volts at a current of 3.25 amps, but it can charge older devices at a lower voltage.

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