The essence of digital marketing in a nutshell – 7 steps to success!

In today’s online world, it is challenging to capture the attention of potential buyers. Nevertheless, as a company manager, we would like to see the return on our money invested in digital marketing as soon as possible. There are online marketing techniques that are all valuable marketing tools in the long run. Still, these should be avoided in case of quick profit expectation because they will only bear the fruits of the work invested after a certain period of time. These include content marketing, video marketing and social media marketing.

In contrast, properly managed digital marketing campaigns quickly and efficiently lead to significant sales results, and we will achieve the desired effect more quickly.

We can achieve success with online marketing by applying the following 7 tips:

1. Defining a digital marketing strategy

The range of digital marketing tools is so diverse and wide-ranging that it is worth conducting a comprehensive analysis of our competitive position in online marketing, the advertising spending of our competitors, their communicated content, and the internet use of our target group.

All this is necessary in order to run a truly efficient and profitable digital marketing campaign, so that we do not spend our invested money on unsuitable surfaces.

2. Define exact search criteria

All the important information is on the Internet: an unprecedented amount of data related to customers or groups of customers is a huge advantage. All you need to do is use them properly to determine the search criteria that best adapt to our marketing campaign.

Location, age, interests and online activity data are all valuable information that we can use to accurately target our ads, avoiding creating an “intrusive effect”.

In practice, this means that if, for example, we operate a top-class Mediterranean restaurant in the capital, we should not advertise unnecessarily to internet users looking for a chinese fast food restaurant in the countryside 200 km away. We know who our target group is, and we’ll find them with our communications.

3. Advertise on the right surface!

There is no perfect recipe, as a different interface is suitable for each business.

If you have a well-structured and actively managed Facebook page with many followers, we focus our marketing budget on Facebook ads. However, if our target group is less active on social media (which may be decreasing), the impact of an advertised post will not be reflected in our sales figures.

We know who our customers are and on which interface we can reach them.

4. Follow campaign performances carefully!

Tracking our campaigns will reveal which keywords are most clicked on, at what times of day, which target groups should be advertised, and how to fine-tune our digital marketing campaign.

This is especially critical for PPC, a click-based payment model, since no one wants to unnecessarily invest money on a less well-performing keyword. Therefore, in order to be effective, pay close attention to regular follow-up.

5. We test our campaign elements!

In addition to following up our campaign, it is very important to test our planned keywords, images and texts used for advertising in order to increase the return on our digital marketing campaigns! If you have two key phrases selected, we’ll test their success among a small audience and choose the better performer.

6. Weigh, evaluate the results, and then do it better again!

One of the main advantages of online marketing is fair measurability. While we can only estimate the impact of other marketing tools (for example, how many people viewed a billboard or how many listeners got their head on a radio ad), we can accurately show the impact of digital marketing tools to make sure that our money is invested in the right place. Let’s try different online marketing tools, measure the results and do it better next time! Let’s not let the competition take our potential customers, let’s be the best!

7. Move with the times – we know the latest techniques!

Digital marketing is a dynamically evolving field, and every week, even daily, improvements can come up that can make our campaigns even more effective. For example, ‘social selling’. Therefore, you should not sit back after taking the previous 6 steps, the key to success is to stay in the picture with the innovations.

Nevertheless, there are techniques that many believe to be outdated, but working techniques, such as email marketing, should not be forgotten when building our digital marketing strategy.

What are we going to take with us?

Achieving success is, of course, a multi-factorial issue, but if we use the right tools in the right way, we can achieve visible success and revenue growth. All it takes is to put the right expertise into practice and to keep improving.

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