How to read deleted WhatsApp messages, pictures, sounds and videos

WhatsApp, one of the popular IM apps, has advanced over time. The creators recently introduced a new feature that allows users to delete sent messages. The service has initially been available for notifications sent in the last seven minutes. It is now extended to 1 hour and 8 minutes. So anyone can delete messages, even if you read them. But if you missed it, how do you read deleted WhatsApp messages, pictures, audio videos?

Since anyone can delete messages within the time limit, there would be missing texts deleted after sending. Even if it were sent in error, you would be curious. It would be best to find a solution to let you read deleted WhatsApp messages, pictures, audio videos.

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages, pictures, audio videos

Notisave: This is a free notification listener and application download. It reads all notifications and saves them for later review. Provides a copy of WhatsApp messages that reach the notification bar on the Notisave page. This includes deleted messages.

You can open the Notisaver app and view all notifications for WhatsApp and other apps. You can also find deleted messages in these. Notisave can only download text messages. Media files are not considered.

In terms of service, Notisave not only WhatsApp deleted the message recovery tool. You may be your favorite notification manager and organizer on Android.

To use the application effectively, specific permissions must be granted. The permissions required for the application are accessibility, auto-start, and add to the list of exceptions to optimize battery life.

It also provides security for notifications by enabling a PIN or fingerprint lock method.


WhatsRemoved is an express tool for recovering deleted WhatsApp messages. This is a notification monitoring tool alsoThe app offers a worry-free performance by allowing you to use the battery without restriction.

WhatsRemoved only monitors and saves deleted WhatsApp notifications locally. It automatically detects when someone deletes a message and sends notifications.

You can receive notifications when someone deletes messages on WhatsApp. This interface allows instant reading. Surprisingly, WhatsRemoved offers WhatsApp Media recovery, including pictures and videos.

Many other applications have similar features. You can use them to read pictures and audio videos of deleted WhatsApp messages. In any case, you must enable special permissions for proper operation. Battery-saving applications are the enemies of notification students.

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