New Whatsapp web feature to allow creating of stickers

A new feature has been discovered in the WhatsApp beta that allows users to create their stickers.

The use of small word-substitution, mood-descriptive stickers is every day in WhatsApp. However, the service level would increase in this regard. In addition to the pre-made stickers, you could even design your own. At least references to this have been discovered in the WhatsApp beta update. A screenshot of the new feature revealed that users would see a Create caption and a plus sign. Here they can upload pictures from which they can make a sticker. You will also be given various tools to do this.

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Once the sticker is complete, it can be saved and included in the user’s matrix list. If the stickers are not automatically copied to the mobile application for some reason, you must first save them manually from one of the chats you used.

In addition to WhatsApp’s existing stickers, small images from third parties can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Soon, however, the user will be able to color their chats with stickers to suit their tastes. It is unknown when “coming soon,” but a wider launch may be imminent as it is already available in beta. It will presumably go to the browser version first, then probably to Android and iOS.

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