New Whatsapp web feature to allow creating of stickers

The WhatsApp beta now offers a new feature that lets users make their stickers. Small word replacements and mood-descriptive stickers are frequently used on WhatsApp.

However, in this sense, the service level would rise. You may also create your stickers in addition to the pre-made ones. At the very least, this is mentioned in the WhatsApp beta release. A screenshot of the new functionality showed that users will see a plus sign and the words “Create caption.” From the images they post here, they can create stickers. Various tools will also be provided for you to use in this.

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The sticker can be saved and added to the user’s matrix list once it is finished. You must manually save the stickers from one of your utilized chats if, for some reason, they are not duplicated to the mobile application automatically.

Tiny graphics from other parties can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store in addition to the existing WhatsApp stickers. The user will soon have the option to customize their chats with stickers. Although the exact date of “coming soon,” given that it is already in beta, a more extensive rollout may be just around the corner. It will probably start with the browser version before moving on to Android and iOS.

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