Cyberdog: Xiaomi is releasing an open source Robot dog

Android Cyberdog

Xiaomi, known to us primarily for his smartphones, announced on Tuesday that he is expanding his product range with a completely new “four-legged” battery. The Chinese manufacturer has made an open-source robot dog that can travel independently, carry out orders, or even run backward.

While the Cyberdog is remarkably similar in appearance to Boston Dynamics Spot’s robot dog, their similarities end there pretty much. Xiaomi’s mechanical dog is based on much more minor, different hardware, and its software is based on open source components – and it’s cheaper to buy.

Xiaomi Cyberdog’s rain is powered by NVIDIA’jetson Xavier NX platform, centered on a chip with 48 Tensor cores to support artificial intelligence processing. At the same time, the robot dog also serves additional processors in the company of 11 precision sensors and a dual, haptic, depth-sensing camera system.

Xiaomi Cyberdog specifications

Thanks to the latter, Xiaomi can map and navigate its surroundings in real-time, but recognizing people’s faces and perceiving their posture, and interpreting the commands they say orally is no problem for them either. In addition, the structure can be controlled from a smartphone application, and it is planned that a bunch of add-on modules will be available.

Xiaomi Cyberdog

Xiaomi is currently releasing only a limited number of Cyberdogs, of which a total of 1,000 copies are known to the companies at 10,000 techniques per piece, which is approx 1,600 USD. At the same time, the manufacturer promises further improvements to the robot dog and even the launch of an open-source community and lab where developers will be able to share their solutions to the structure.

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