10 Best Android Messaging Apps in 2022

When searching for the best messaging apps for Android phones, your options are nearly limitless. Whether you want to message friends, chat with family abroad, or find the perfect private texting app, something out there will work great on your smartphone.

Just be sure to find the one that best suits your personality and needs! Fortunately, you can utilize one of the many third-party texting programs available for Android devices. They have many functions, are simple to operate, and have a sophisticated appearance. Here are 10 of the best messaging apps available today. Note that this list isn’t in any particular order.

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Best Android Phone Messaging Apps

1. Facebook Messenger

It is one of the best messengers you can use. It’s fast, reliable, and has a ton of features. You can use it to send text, voice, and video messages to your friends. Plus, there are tons of different ways to customize your chat experience. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to stay in touch with your friends or want to add some fun features to your chats, Facebook Messenger is a great option.

2. Google Messages

If you’re looking for a great messaging app for your Android phone, look no further than Google Messages. Google Messages is a powerful yet straightforward messaging app that comes pre-installed on most Android phones. With Google Messages, you can easily send and receive text messages and group and multimedia messages. It has a clean, uncomplicated interface and excellent functionality, lets you send SMS and MMS, and uses RCS.

With RCS, you may converse while on the road by sending and receiving notifications via Wi-Fi or a data network. Use Google Messages to liven up your interactions.

3. Pulse SMS

An intriguing and incredibly customized text messaging tool is Pulse SMS. But the actual draw is something else. Pulse’s text messaging program lets you access your text messages on all your other devices, including desktops and tablets. A password-protected private discussions box has also been added to Pulse in case you need to conceal your sources’ identities or messages.

Additionally, the application supports dual SIM, enabling you to send texts to multiple contacts at once. Additionally, you can block spammers, reply to intelligent responses more quickly, retrieve and retrieve messages, and do much more. You will, however, need to sign up for a monthly or yearly plan if you want to use it on all devices.

4. Signal Private Messenger

The goal of Signal Private Messenger was to make regular chatting more secure. An upgrade later made it possible to set this as your default SMS client. You can make audio and video calls with Signal in addition to end-to-end encryption.

Despite a weak network connection, you can send and receive messages rapidly thanks to the straightforward interface. You may choose vibration patterns and ringtones, move between light and dark modes, and modify themes, just like with other programs.


An excellent open-source alternative to your default email program is QKSMS. QKSMS has a single, straightforward interface that makes navigation simple. You have unlimited options for themes, so you can make it your own. Group chats, audio, and video messages, emojis, and GIFs can be sent here, with all messages safe and synced between devices thanks to automatic or manual backups. As an additional feature, it works with Android Wear OS, allowing you to get notifications on your smartwatch.

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6. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is an app that has also gone through significant changes. It is now called Handcent Next and offers numerous new features, such as desktop notifications and online backup. As a way to keep its current user base satisfied and attract new ones, Handcent is constantly coming up with new features and customization options.

7. Mood Messenger

The Mood Messenger app has many features available in both paid and unpaid plans. You may use SMS, MMS, emojis, GIFs, change themes, and more with the free messaging package for Android phones.

The premium version includes every necessary or additional feature, such as backing up and restoring messages, encryption, theme customization, etc. Also, it allows you to stream YouTube videos and eliminates the need to switch between applications. You can also send your location to friends so they can easily find you.

8. YAATA – SMS/MMS Messaging

One good option is YAATA, a program that does typical SMS/MMS and allows for group chats, archiving, and various other valuable features. Also featured are configurable notification options, including the usage of Chat heads which are comparable to those in Facebook Messenger.

The app allows you to put money towards your bills, like in Google Messages. Additionally, it provides various deals to help you decide what to buy. Sometimes messages may be sent via voice. This is enabled with the text-to-speech capability.

9. Telegram

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps available for Android phones. It’s fast and secure, and you can set up chats with individual contacts or groups. Telegram also offers a self-destruct feature for messages, so you can be sure your messages will disappear after a specific time. Plus, Telegram is free and doesn’t have any ads.

10. WeChat

WeChat is a popular messaging app in China that offers a variety of features, including instant messaging, video calls, and more. The app also provides a way for businesses to connect with customers and offer customer service. WeChat is available for free on the Google Play Store.


You will find many excellent messaging apps in the Google App Store that will relieve you of using the default messaging app. These substitute programs offer enhanced functionality and a better user experience and are easy to use and install. Any of the apps you mention above will spice up your chats.

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