WhatsApp is testing the reactions in the application and this is what they look like

This is the first look at the reactions on WhatsApp.

One of the most anticipated functions within the instant messaging application, WhatsApp, has begun to test the reactions to messages, and we will be able to use up to six emojis in any of the letters within the chats, as is already the case in other apps such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

The developers of WhatsApp continue to renew themselves so that it is not too far away in its functions. However, this app continues to think about its users, so now they will be able to declare their emotions without writing them or even sending an emoji like a message.

According to WaBetaInfo, the site responsible for testing WhatsApp Beta updates pointed out that the reactions will allow you to respond to messages without writing texts, sending audio or emojis, stickers, or even gifs. Meanwhile, they will be encrypted from end to end, just like all the content of the chats.

To activate the reactions, it will only be enough to press and hold on to the specific message, so that a small menu of choice of reactions with emojis will appear, among which include the thumbs up, the heart, the laughter with tears, the surprise, the face sad and prayer.

So far, this new feature is being tested in its beta phase, so it would only be a matter of a few weeks before it could be available to all users on Android and iOS once the recent improvements are included in a stable update.

Although they don’t contribute much to conversations, they would be accommodating to mark something that we liked or to which we can react. Bringing reactions to WhatsApp would be helpful for many users of the application.

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