Top 3 Cheap SIM Smartwatches in 2021

Some smartwatches can not only be used as an accessory in addition to our mobile phone but can also be used to make phone calls and SMS with them, thanks to the built-in SIM card slot. (We updated the article with 2021 info!)

We are now looking at three smartphones with SIM cards, which are popular, proven types, offer many valuable functions but do not cost a fortune.

Fuse Pro smartwatch

This is another prevalent type, as it is hardly similar in knowledge. It has a SIM card slot, a GPS receiver (for sports, route tracking), and even moderately waterproof.

The Fuse Pro smartphone is also compatible with Android phones and iPhones. It displays calls, messages, and notifications to measure daily activity and heart rate. It even has various sports modes available on it. While running, hiking, or biking, you can not only save the route you take but also monitor your elevation with the built-in pressure gauge and even have a digital compass in it.

The Fuse Pro is now available for sale for $127, and a second premium strap is also included. Of course, fast delivery and a 1-year warranty are given here too! More details and purchase at this link.

G4 Smart Smartphone

The G4 Smart is a significant advantage in addition to the cheapness but of course not the only reason you should choose. It’s got an excellent, uncut round IPS display, a camera on it, a removable strap, and plenty of use for everything.

Of course, there are phone functions, it can be used to receive and make calls, even without a mobile phone, and when connected to a phone, it is also suitable for hands-free communication. It handles SMS, displays notifications, and lacks multimedia capabilities: image viewer, music player, voice recorder, file manager, and more. The clock can also be used to control our phone’s music player or fire the camera remotely.

Of course, this is far from the case. Here you will find a more detailed presentation. The G4 Smart can be a good choice for men and ladies or children and can now be ordered at a very reasonable price, for $90.

G4 Pro smartwatch

The G4 Pro smartphone is also trendy and has a full-circle 1.3-inch IPS display. The strap on the watch is replaceable, and the display comes to life automatically when you raise your arm (the other two eyes know that too).

Of course, this is also a smart card with a SIM card, i.e., we can make/receive calls and send SMS with it independently, and there is also a phonebook and a call log here.

The significant advantage of the G4 Pro over the G4 Smart is that it has a heart rate monitor and supports Android and iOS mobiles: you can use it for hands-free, display notifications, and even exchange music on your phone!

The G4 Pro smartwatch is also recommended for gentlemen and ladies, as it is available in several colors and comes with an extra gift strap. It is currently available for $110

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