Problem with the Instagram app, it keeps jamming all over the world

So far, thousands of users worldwide have indicated that the Instagram app is not working correctly.

Since early Thursday afternoon, there has been an increase in errors in Instagram operation on Downdetector. Users who send a signal to the page say the problem is multi-faceted: in addition to not updating News Feed, you can’t post or post Insta stories.

In our experience, the problem can be similar for users: when the application is started, an error message is given, according to which

“The stream of contents could not be updated.”

Scroll through the content to see that the most recent post appeared on Instagram seven days ago.

The company has not yet spoken out about the error, so it is not known when it will be ready to be repaired. What is certain is that the problem is worldwide because down detector users from Nigeria to Croatia to the United States have reported a block.

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