In one night, SpaceX installed 29 engines on the rocket to take people to Mars

SpaceX engineers put 29 Raptor engines on the space company’s most prominent rocket in a single night.

With the recyclable rocket or the Tesla launched into space, SpaceX, which also demonstrates a memorable space performance for the layman, has a version of the Super Heavy launch vehicle with 29 Raptor engines.

The 70-meter-high, 9-meter-diameter structure, after the modification, had twice the thrust of the Saturn V-powered Apollo 11 with which NASA astronauts set out for the moon.

SpaceX is already planning to fly with this unit. A total of 33 Raptors will be seated in the final version.

The rocket will soon be delivered to the launch station, where there will be plenty of tests waiting for it. These are likely to be done more carefully than usual by the team, as this is a more severe structure than ever before.

The ArsTechnica points out the first test flight is permission from the US Federal Aviation Administration (Federal Aviation Administration, FAA) will need to SpaceX’s.

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