How to set up a PayPal Account and withdraw in Ghana in 2022

Create a PayPal account in Ghana with these simple steps

We previously posted a guide on setting up a PayPal account in Ghana using palm pay. This method was excellent while it lasted, but sadly Palmpay decided to shut down their virtual credit card service. Creating a Paypal account in Ghana to fund them is even more difficult. 

This article will teach you the general way to create a Paypal account for sending and receiving funds from family and friends and for business transactions.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is the most common means of online payment, one of the most extensive online financial services globally. We can pay for almost anything in any webshop and marketplace using PayPal. It’s a perfectly safe, convenient solution, and it also offers a bunch of extras that would be a shame to give up if we ordered from China.

Requirements to Create a Paypal Account in Ghana?

  • An active sim card (MTN, Vodafone, Glo, AirtelTigo)
  • Your Full Name as it appears on your ID (National ID or Passport)
  • A New Email address
  • A Bank Account with a Debit card

How to create a Paypal Account in Ghana step-by-step (with Screenshots)

  1. First, you will have to open your Internet Browser Application, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But I recommend you use Google Chrome and go to this link located in Lesotho.

2. Next, you’re going to have to choose to Sign up for free, and then select the option for the Business Account and Click on Continue

3. Now, you’d be met with an option to enter your email address and password. So you will use the email address you have, which isn’t linked to any PayPal address, and enter a password.

4. Next, you will enter your personal or business details, as seen in the screenshot below. You will enter;

Business contact: Your Full Name as it appears on your ID or passport
Business Details: You can enter your name
Business Phone number: Your phone number
Business Address: If you have a postal or business address, you can use it, or you can also use your residential home address
Postcode: 00233 or 2332

5. Click on Agree and Continue. Now, wait for an email from Paypal concerning your account. It should look like this and click on the button in the email

6. Confirm all the additional information and start using your Paypal Account.

7. Now, you will be met with Describe your Business. Here you will select Individual/Sole proprietorship as business type, Advertising Services as Product or Keywords, and website if you have any, but optional.

8. Next, you are going to the Tell us about yourself section, which requires you to enter your National ID, passport, or driver’s license. So change the Country to GHANA and select the ID you would prefer


9. Now you’re done. You now have a confirmed Paypal account in Ghana, which can be used to send and receive payments

How to Add Funds to your Paypal Account using a Debit Card

Funding your Paypal Account is the best way to send and receive money directly. You can fund your account using a bank debit card, or you can ask a friend to send you money instantly, which will be financed into your account. Here are ways to fund your Paypal account in Ghana.

A Debit Card

If you want to send money to others using your Paypal account, you will need to get a debit card from your bank. You need to go to your bank and ask for a debit card. Some banks offer free debit cards, while others require a fee. This is the safest method of transferring funds from your Paypal account.


Vendors (Online exchanges)

Paxful is one of the best online money exchanges you can use. Over 350 different payment methods are available to buy and sell digital currencies, including PayPal. You exchange Cedis (GHS) for Paypal funds, which will be credited directly into your Paypal account. Create a Paxful account to collect payments and send money to more than 6 million people.

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