PayPal introduces its “Superapp”, an updated version of PayPal

PayPal’s mobile version is continually updated with new features, and it has recently gotten additional valuable functions, making it a natural “all-in-one” program. The improvement is noticeable.

PayPal’s mobile service has recently been expanded with a slew of new capabilities, with more on the way. According to The Verge, significant changes include.

This new interface looks more and more like a mobile bank: when you login into your account, you can immediately view your balance information, whether you’re sending real or digital money. The connections with which most money transactions occur are slightly lower in the window.

PayPal has also relocated the deposit, donation, and messaging functions to a new place. In addition, a separate menu contains coupons and reward program-related services. Many consumers may be confused by such innovations, but PayPal has found a solution that makes the interface easier to use.

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One of the most notable features is starting a “savings account” using the service. Synchrony, a US financial firm, handles the administration, but the money saved is no longer governed by PayPal (or its application). They claim to be on excellent terms with each other. However, it is unclear what procedures must be completed to access the service. But it’s also possible that the savings option will arrive in the coming months.

PayPal also announced the launch of a new type of loyalty program, the essence of which would be that customers will acquire discounted products from hundreds of famous companies, which the firm will supply through the app.

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