Huawei Unveils EMUI 12 Interface

After the Harmony OS 2.0 updates started, we could reasonably have thought there would be no more EMUI interfaces, but now the company has introduced EMUI 12.

It would have been perfectly logical that the line would end with EMUI 11, and Huawei phones would be upgraded to Harmony OS 2.0 instead of EMUI 12. The process has already started in China.

More than 50 million people have already received the manufacturer’s new system, and harmony OS has been introduced through the MatePad 11 and Watch three series.

Now, however, to the surprise of many, EMUI 12 debuted, which, by the way, is quite similar to HarmonyOS 2.0. A modern, clean look with new animations, a control panel that can be pulled off the top of any screen, and some fresh features.

However, it is unclear what Huawei’s plan is for EMUI 12, but they did not say which devices will receive it and when.

Android Authority

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