Comparing Harmony OS vs EMUI 11

The advantages (or disadvantages) of a new development compared to the previous model are always the easiest to explore. This has now happened to two Huawei-branded phones, one of which no longer ran Android.

The first video has been released comparing Huawei’s new operating system called HarmonyOS to a Chinese company’s phone that is still running the latest 11th release of Android-based EMUI.

The aim of the study was to show the speed difference between the two surfaces.

As GSMArena’s reputation suggests, the tester relied on the third beta of HarmonyOS 2.0, an even more stable (but still under development) release of the system. On the other side stood the already mentioned and stable EMUI 11.

Drastic differences can’t really be observed, but it’s good to see that the Android interface was faster in some situations. True, in most cases, it only meant a few (tenths) seconds – and sometimes not that much. The two phones used in the study were also different, but it is unknown exactly what features are involved.

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Another testament to the video is that HarmonyOS is virtually no different from Android. Even if there is a difference, it can be discovered at most in the layout of the windows.

Huawei began developing HarmonyOS faster after the previous U.S. government restricted its operations, including its dealings with U.S. partners, citing national security concerns. As a result of the tightening, Huawei lost the access needed to release the full version of Android.

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