Huawei Mate V, the manufacturer’s flip cell phone, is coming soon

It’s been a long time since you’ve heard of Huawei’s flip-shaped, foldable-screen smartphone, but it hasn’t arrived so far, and almost nothing has been revealed about its features. 

In terms of hardware, we won’t be much brighter this time either, but we can at least tell you when the smartphone will debut.

The device will have an improved hinge and a cooling system designed explicitly for bendable mobiles based on the data that has come to light. The heat dissipation design that emerges during use seems very interesting based on a patent filed last year: the device spans all of it and is unique in that it is flexible.

And thanks to a leak at Weibo, we already know that the flip mobile will arrive on December 23rd, and not alone, although Huawei Mate V will undoubtedly be the protagonist at the show. Laptops, televisions, and a Fit Mini smart bracelet will also be unveiled at the event.

The release date will also be confirmed by a leaked lover showing a collapsed flip mobile and a reference to an end-of-December announcement. Then what kind of hardware, at what price, and in what markets the smartphone will be available for now is a mystery, but as we get closer to this particular demo, we’ll probably find out more about Huawei Mate V.

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