Is your iPhone’s battery dying quickly? Spotify is most likely to blame

The flaws in Apple’s new mobile operating system are gradually exposed. For instance, it recently experienced issues with Spotify, but we might equally state that Spotify has issues with iOS.

Problems occur when they “test” a new mobile system in actual use, which is not unusual. Even IOS15 isn’t perfect. We’ve heard of a glitch that has already used up all available storage and that there might be an issue if someone is running iOS 15 and utilizing AirPods Pro.

Recently, we learned that several users reported rapid battery drain (up to 30% in just one hour) when using the Spotify app, and some even reported hot devices. It would be unjust to put the responsibility solely on iOS 15, as the same is true for iOS 14.8.

They also acknowledged the bug at Spotify and forwarded the reports to their iOS team. In the meantime, it is recommended that the user restart their phone, reinstall Spotify, or disable the background app update (Settings/General / App update in the background). Unfortunately, several users reported that none of these steps resolved their issue, so we have to wait longer for developers to fix it. There is no information yet on when the patch will arrive, nor will it be an application update or just troubleshooting steps.

While the Spotify app is most likely faulty for the quick dive, users are outraged at some of the forums, expressing their confusion that iOS 15 beta tests did not reveal such a severe problem with one of the most popular apps in the world. Some go so far as to assume that there may be intent on Apple’s part in this, as Spotify is a big rival to Apple Music, and with Spotify’s podcasts becoming more popular, experts predict that by the end of 2021, Apple will overtake it. Podcasts.

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