It appears that a surprise revelation about Quake will be made soon

QuakeCon is approaching

Although Microsoft acquired Bethesda through ZeniMax, this does not mean that QuakeCon, the show founded by id Software, is finished; the three-day event will take place on August 19 this year and will be streamed live online.

A whole panel will be dedicated to this year’s 25-year-old Quake and the many other Bethesda games and performances. Another will reveal a “revitalized version” of the classic FPS in a leak.

The program was initially uploaded on Friday, August 20. The description is contained in the US IGN reports, “For John Linneman, the Quake return to the structure of this particular stream! He chats to Jerk Gustaffson, the game’s developer, about its famous legacy and what it means to the two of them from the Digital Foundation. They also discuss how MachineGames assisted in revitalizing [Quake].”

We can notice that the “revitalized edition” has been removed from the text if we go to the QuakeCon schedule and click on the Let’s talk Quake panel. Of course, the internet has not been forgotten, and a search of reveals the specified section in the description. What could it possibly be? We’re considering a simple remake or something along with Quake 2. A remake would also be beneficial. On the other hand, the revived one may allude to a refurbished version. Anyway, we’ve lately received similar unauthorized information, so fingers crossed!

Quake was first launched in 1996, riding on the success of Doom 1-2, but it was a forward-thinking game in many aspects (such as its handling and weapons), not a simple Doom clone, and it took multi-madness to a new level. Of course, Quake 3 has a significant cult following, and its multiplayer mode (which was already honed to multi) has evolved into an evergreen. Quake Champions, released in 2017, was the most recent Quake game.

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