Android games are now included with Netflix packages

Available for android users in the meantime

A service called Netflix Games, the company’s gaming platform, has officially launched, so in addition to movies and series, there is another entertainment in addition to subscriptions. For the time being, production is quite limited, but continuous expansion is expected.

Netflix Games has launched in 190 countries simultaneously, but the service is only available for Android users in the first round and is expected to launch later on iOS.

But what does all this mean? It’s pretty much about the fact that your Netflix subscription comes with games. There are currently five titles on the list, these are:

Games must be installed from the Play Store but only work with a Netflix subscription. If you are interested in one of them, you can, in principle, access them within the Netflix application on the Games tab or in the Netflix Games section on the home page (it may take some time for everyone to appear).

For now, this doesn’t seem like a big bang, but hopefully, the list will expand later, and more severe titles will be added to Netflix, perhaps to offset the recently announced rise in price.

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