Netflix intends to stay in the video game industry and has purchased Next Games for 72 million dollars.

Netflix has a solid plan in place to keep developing video games.

Everything suggests that Netflix intends to keep developing and has branched out into the video gaming business. It hopes to carve itself a niche following the acquisition of Night School Studio.

Despite this, the streaming platform today announced the addition of Next Games, its second gaming studio.

The platform announced its plans to buy Next Games, a mobile game studio, in a statement, and Netflix will shortly complete the process of acquiring all of the developer’s shares in a 72-year arrangement. It’s a million dollars.

You may recognize Next Games because its headquarters have been in Finland since 2013, and it is well-known for creating games based on popular titles such as Stranger Things and The Walking Dead.

“We are excited to have Next Games join Netflix as a core studio in a strategic region and key talent market, expanding our in-house game studio capabilities. While we are just getting started in gaming, I am confident that together with Next Games, we will be able to create a world-class portfolio of titles that will delight our members around the world ,” said Michael Verdu, vice president of gaming at Netflix.

NextGames works together to ensure that all of its shareholders are in accord with the agreement’s provisions. It is predicted to create excellent games for Netflix, particularly its original content.

On the other hand, Teemu Huuhtane, executive manager of Next Games, indicated that if the deal is successfully fulfilled, the offer made by Netflix will allow the company to grow in a meaningful way and confront new difficulties in the gaming business.

Both organizations expect to conclude the deal in the second quarter of the year, between April and June, but they’ll need to know what projects they’re working on first.

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