2 Ways to login to your Netflix Account

How to login to your Netflix Account

Netflix has dominated many streaming platforms and has become famous for its access to popular movies such as Squid Games, Money heist etc. Therefore Netflix needs no introduction as you probably already familiar with it. Netflix unlike youtube, doesn’t show you ads when you start to watch content. This comes with a catch of a monthly subscription.

Netflix also offers an option to download movies and TV shows when you’re not connected to the internet. This is a great tool if you’re traveling, you can take the time to download your favourite contents and watch.

How to login into your Netflix Account

If you have purchased a Netflix account, you should familiarize yourself on how to sign in to your account. Kindly follow these steps carefully:

1. Website Netflix.com

  • Open a web browser and navigate to netflix.com, the Netflix homepage.
  • The “Sign in” button is located in the top-right corner.

  • Type in your “Password” after entering the email address or phone number associated with your Netflix account, and then click “Sign in.

  • Alternately, you could click the “Login with Facebook” option to sign in to your Netflix account using your Facebook account, but on the 2 May 2022, Netflix stopped supporting this option.

2. Netflix App

The Netflix app has dominated the streaming sector on Google Play Store and the Appstore. You can find the links to the Netflix app below.

The Netflix App also comes with a Sign in page. After installing the App, type in your “Email” and “Password” you used to register, and tap on “Sign in”. There are not always times when you would successfully login to your Netflix account. This can be a challenge when you want to stream a movie or Tv show and you don’t have access even though you’ve paid for your subscription.

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