LandVault: Metaverse Expansion in Dubai

LandVault, a metaverse developer, has announced the opening of their Dubai office and plans to commence operations in February 2023.

The company has established itself as a metaverse leader, constructing virtual experiences spanning over 100 million square feet for a diverse clientele, including Mastercard, Hershey’s, Standard Chartered, World of Women, and more, according to a statement.

LandVault recognizes significant potential for the metaverse within the UAE’s real estate industry. Their technology enables developers and real estate firms to showcase their projects through immersive and interactive experiences, captivating potential buyers.

Implementing a metaverse strategy in the UAE’s real estate sector brings numerous benefits. It expands the reach of developers and real estate companies, allowing them to engage with audiences who may not have the means to physically visit properties.

Virtual tours and showrooms also provide a more accurate representation of properties, reducing the necessity for physical visits and saving valuable time and resources.

“We are thrilled to establish our presence in Dubai and contribute to the dynamic tech community in the UAE,” said Sam Huber, CEO of LandVault.

“The MENA region is a crucial market for us, and we believe that being in Dubai will enable us to support the region and explore new opportunities. The potential for the metaverse in the UAE’s real estate industry is particularly exciting. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with developers and real estate companies to present their properties in fresh and innovative ways.”

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