Nearly $150 million stolen using an Apple Watch

The gang put the watch in a drug runner’s car to track where he was going. They found a large amount of cash on him.

The Apple Watch smartwatch has helped the wearer in several situations, including quickly alerting paramedics. This time, we heard about a very different story: an American band of robbers allegedly used this gadget to steal half a million dollars.

“The whole point of the story,” according to a summary from Apple Insider“is that the gang caught the attention of a drug runner who was suspected of carrying a lot of money. The criminals decided to follow the person for which apple’s watch was used: one of the gang members hid the device under the bumper of the courier’s car, which then sent signals about his whereabouts.

The company tracked down the car and the courier who drove them to the parking lot of a Connecticut hotel. There was reportedly a severe scuffle, during which the gang obtained several of the man’s belongings, including a critical card for a hotel room. Using the logo on it, they quickly identified which hotel it was, and when they entered the room, they found a lot of cash.

The criminals headed to Middletown, New York, to distribute the loot, but were taken into police custody. It is not clear exactly where or how the authorities intervened, but it is clear that all members of Monday’s gang have been indicted. In his report, the prosecutor specifically stated that the Apple Watch used for tracking played an essential role in implementing the plan.

The band of robbers has been in place since 2019.

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