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New film site Nestflix launched

Not the Netflix you know

The new database, modeled on popular streaming service Netflix, features some of the best-known movies from a very different side.

Her fascination with motion pictures persuaded Lynn Fisher to launch a new page. Still, for a very different reason: this interface commemorates fictional works found in real jobs such as films, series, and soap operas.

The English term nested (embedded) used for these fiction films and the name of the popular streaming service Netflix gave birth to the new site, Nestflix.

The interface does not allow you to look at the shows, but the datasheets of the works contain which original films you can find, who the director is, and who the characters are, and some frames can be browsed freely.

One of the classic pieces of the site is The Dirty Soul Angels, played out in a scene from Shivers, Burglars to scare off the burglars. But the premieres include the film premiere parodies of the action-comedy Tropical Storm and the infamous Brigantyk black-and-white war film The Nation, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Although the database is constantly expanding, most fictitious content of overseas works is still in the majority. Interestingly, one of the iconic Hungarian nested, Gábor Herendi, who recorded The Sinful City appearing in the movie Something America, will soon be directing it in real life.

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