How to download movies online with BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a program that allows you to download a single file from many people at once. Download BitTorrent with the sky

BitTorrent is a program that allows you to download a single file from many people at once. When you download with BitTorrent, it also sends (uploads) parts of the file you have already downloaded to other users. The more popular the file, the more others share it, and the faster the download. There are many kinds of BitTorrent clients.


Method 2/2: Download and install BitTorrent client

  1. Download torrent client. BitTorrent is the oldest program of its kind, but it continuously updates versions of Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Other popular customers that are still up to date are uTorrent, qBittorrent, Deluge and Vuze.

2. Install the torrent client on your computer. After you download the program, you want to use, open the installation file and follow the instructions to add it to your computer.

Method 2/2: Find and download a movie using a BitTorrent client

3. Use a search engine to search for a torrent file for the movie you want to acquire. To use torrent clients, you need to download .torrent files that can be found through search engines. Then, type and type the name of the movie you’re looking for on Google.

  • Search also works on other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo.

4. Click one of the search results. Unfortunately, many torrent sites have ads and pop-ups that are not suitable for children, while some are closed due to copyright infringement, so not all links will work.

  • The search results link allows you to go to a website to download the torrent file or download it yourself.
  • Torrent sites list the number of seeders for each file. Seeders are users who upload parts of the torrent file.

5. Open the torrent client.

6. Open the downloaded torrent file. Depending on the existing client, click and drag the .torrent file into the client window, and it will open. If you double-click it or enter the contact and select “Open” (select o.torrent), the item you want opens in the program.

7. Start downloading the file. Most torrent clients will only start downloading if you manually start it. First, click on the torrent file to select it, and then click the Start Transfer button, which is most often represented by the “Play” symbol.

  • When the download starts, you can see how many people you download the file from and send it to. The more users upload (send) the file, the faster it will be downloaded.
  • When the download is complete, continue to sow the file so that the torrent client remains open.
  • Movies can be downloaded in a variety of formats. However, depending on the extension, you may need to get a new video player.


  • If a movie has few seeds, you may have to wait longer to complete it, as the download speed will be slower.
  • It’s not illegal to download a movie, but it’s sharing it. Therefore, when you upload or send such a file, you are more likely to be sued by the copyright holders of the downloaded movie.
  • If you’ve caught downloading movies from BitTorrent, your ISP may send you a warning letter. In this case, you better stop using torrents because you are in danger of being detached from Internet services and even accused of copyright infringement.

Materials required

  • BitTorrent client
  • A computer
  • Internet connection

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