Nvidia has built a new brain for robots

Three years after the previous robot hub, Nvidia has announced another one that can perform 200 trillion operations per second.

In 2018, Nvidia unveiled Jetson AGX Xavier’s development, a computing unit with artificial intelligence for robots. The company has now come up with a newer version of this, Jetson AGX Orin, which the company says has six times more computing capacity than Xavier.

Nintia has announced that Orient has designed it to be an energy-efficient supercomputer based on artificial intelligence. In addition to robotics, the palm-sized device is intended for automotive devices and medical devices, as well as for solutions based on artificial intelligence that still seem impossible to implement today.

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According to Nvidia, Orin can perform 200 trillion operations per second. The platform is based on the manufacturer’s architecture for Ampere’s graphics processors. The Arm Cortex-A78AE processors provide the soul. The memory can run at 204 GB / s, and the entire system is complemented by 32 GB of DRAM.

In terms of software, Nvidia has provided Orin with algorithms that make machine vision and machine learning faster and better than ever before. The company will also provide access to applications such as Isaac Sim by purchasing the structure. This allows developers to realistically map the real-world physical environment to test the robot they are making.

The company has not revealed how much Orin will cost yet, but we can expect its pricing to be roughly the same as we could see with Xavier. It costs $1,100, or about $342,000. The unit may be launched in the first quarter of 2022

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