Returning astronauts crashed into the ocean in a private plane – video

For 53 years, there had been no example of a returning astronaut team landing in the water at night, and now they were crashing into the foams of the Gulf of Mexico with a private plane from Elon Musk. The astronauts and the tower joked with each other after returning.

“We welcome you back to Earth and thank you for travelling with Space X. If any of them become our returning passengers, we will now credit it with 108 million kilometres,” Michael Heiman, Space X’s mission manager, told the astronauts via radio. “Resilience is back on Earth. Do we accept the offer, but can it be switched to other routes?” According to the New York Times, Mike Hopkins, NASA’s returning astronaut, asked funny.

The spacecraft of the spacecraft called Crew Dragon, Resilience, crashed into the sea in the Gulf of Mexico near Panama City, Florida, at 2:56 a.m. local time. The spacecraft is scheduled to detach from the space station’s module called Harmony, with American astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker on board and Japanese astronaut Noguchi Soic. The return journey took about six hours.

The last time in 1968, three astronauts returning with the Apollo 8 spacecraft returned to Earth was to land on a water surface at night after orbiting the Moon for the first time. Elon Musk now completed the complicated landing operation in a space capsule manufactured by Space X by three American and one Japanese astronaut. This was the first operational return of the Space X space capsule.

The astronauts spent 168 days in outer space. The landing was broadcast live by the U.S. space agency NASA. The video shows the landing at one hour.

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