The Intel database shows a new DG2MB GPU.

Now that Intel’s new discrete graphics for laptops will be released on March 30, Igor’s Lab has discovered an odd entry in the Intel Arc database that includes a GPU named DG2MB.

It’s unclear what this new reference refers to. It appears to be aboard, with a specialized Intel Arc graphics card and an Intel processor, which we presume will be for laptops.

This item categorizes this DG2MB as a graphics-related product. However, a speed of 4,000 MHz occurs, which is unheard of for a laptop graphics card. In this instance, we can presume that the rate is incorrect or correlates to the CPU speed.

In addition, there is very high consumption for a laptop graphics card. TDP is stated to be 200 W. Although everything leads to a combined CPU and GPU utilization, it could be an error. As a result, this new entry could be a good fit for light laptops with specialized Intel Arc graphics and Intel processors.

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