Two days before the event, Intel releases a fresh teaser for the Intel Arc

Intel’s graphics division has posted a new teaser video on Twitter two days after unveiling the new Intel Arc dedicated graphics cards. We expect to see these new Intel Arc chips in a short video using a laptop.

The name and model aren’t visible in the video, but it’s likely to be one of the leaked models featuring one of the new Intel Arc A350M or A370M processors unveiled on the 30th.

One of the answers also revealed that only Intel Arc graphics cards would be available for laptops, which we already knew. It’s unclear which models will be showcased at this event, given that laptops with Intel Arc will be available for purchase starting on the day of the event. The Acer Swift X with an Intel Arc A370M and the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro have been observed, although the included model has not been specified.

These models relate to the Intel Arc based on the DG2-128, the Intel Xe-minor HPG’s configuration, with no information on the higher variants based on the DG2-512 Intel Arc A500 and A700. The Dell Precision 5470 will also incorporate an Intel Arc for mobile workstations, the Intel Arc A30M Pro, announced today. We’ve never heard of this model before, so don’t hold your breath for an announcement of the cards for mobile workstations on the 30th.

We’ll clear up any lingering questions at the Intel presentation in a few days, where we’ll hear these and other specifics about the new Intel Arc graphics cards.

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