The new Nintendo Switch has been announced

Today, a completely unexpected announcement of a new Nintendo Switch console by the Japanese publisher, which was not named the previously sonorous Super Nintendo Switch or Switch Pro, but will be sought as a Nintendo Switch OLED model on store shelves from October 8, 2021 (with Metroid Dread one day) for $350.

Worthy of the device’s name, it got a 7-inch OLED display that can handle 720p resolution. However, it’s still an improvement over the previous LCD, and Nintendo says it gives a much more excellent and more contrasting image, not to mention that its coffee is much thinner.

The device also comes with extensive support, so it will be possible to use the machine comfortably in tablet mode and the dock and handheld console modes.

The device’s internal memory is 64GB (twice that of the base model’s 32GB), the dock has a port for a LAN cable, and Nintendo promises the device’s built-in speakers will sound better. For the time being, the Nintendo Switch OLED will be available in two colors, white and neon red-neon blue.

The new machine will be compatible with the games released so far and the Joy-Cons, but Nintendo has not yet made a statement about the dock.

Nintendo hasn’t come up with more details yet, so we don’t know how much the machine has advanced hardware performance or precisely what the OLED panel knows about it.

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