It looks like Game Boy games will also be available on Switch Online

Is the repertoire of classics expanding?

The advantage of the Switch Online subscriber service available on the Nintendo Switch (in addition to accessing online game modes) is that it also gives you access to some of the classic titles of the Japanese video gaming company. For now, popular NES and SNES games can be skinned with their help, but Engadget reports that game boy games may be added in the future.

The paper first references a podcast in which they talked about how some people found four emulators on the service back in 2019. Two of these are still not used, but they are used for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. It was then reported that this news had been confirmed by Nintendo life and Eurogamer’s sources. However, it is said that there may be a long way to go before these games are available, or it is not excluded that they are emulators for other older consoles. In any case, at the request of Nintendo journalists, he said that they had nothing to announce on the subject.

More than 100 NES games and more than 100 SNES games are currently available through Switch Online, including titles such as the top three Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Metroid, and Donkey Kong. Game Boy has released games like Pokémon Red & Blue (the first Pokémon), Super Mario Land, Dr. Mario, and Donkey Kong Land, so Nintendo would have something to please the audience.


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