The Pixel Watch has been leaked, giving it the smart watch a futuristic look

The popularity of the Wear OS system has grown tremendously after Samsung has left its platform and switched to the Google ecosystem on its smartwatches. Nevertheless, Google wants an entirely self-developed wearable device that has been rumored to exist for years, but related work has only recently begun. The smartwatch, which is called Google Pixel Watch, can now finally be seen in its – near-full splendor, namely in leaked commercials.

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The marketing images that have just come to light were published by Front Page Tech employee Jon Prosser and shared with the internet. As you can see in these images, the Google Pixel Watch gets a round design with a screen that has almost no frame around it. To see a single hardware controller, the crown on the right.

As far as the visuals allow, the user interface running on the device has the appearance of Material You, and health tracking is central.

The software could integrate Fitbit’s services, an entirely understandable step on the search giant. They acquired a company that deals with smartwatches and other similar gadgets earlier this year.

Let’s say that the design of Google Fit returns in one of the pictures, so they will probably not rely entirely on the knowledge of the ingested company. They will also draw from their wellhead.

Jon Prosser, who posted the pictures, even shared a phone curiosity. He claims that Google’s foldable smartphone, the Pixel Fold, hasn’t been mowed at all, and the flexible mobile is very much on its way.

The announcement of the Android 12L update is also a clear indication that Google considers tablets and mobile phones to be a matter of the heart, so there is a high probability that Pixel Fold has not been launched. However, perhaps they might still be waiting to announce.

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