The Samsung parts program is now available for select models

As previously announced, Samsung now allows users to purchase original spare parts for the Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, and Tab S7+. However, this initiative is somewhat limited compared to other brands, despite the common factor of using iFixit as a distributor of spare parts, which Apple does not subscribe to.

The company has launched its new repair kits with original parts in collaboration with iFixit, dealing with kits similar to those of Apple, and comes with guides and tools. However, the parts are currently limited to screens, charging ports, and rear glass.

The charging ports cost $67, while the screens cost around $230, with prices varying according to phone model. Similarly, the glass on the back of each device can cost up to $90, so we paid significantly more than the fact that it is an original back glass.

The terminals associated with this program are the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy Tab S7+. Other devices are expected to be added as the program grows in strength and maturity.

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