Types of KMS ACTIVATOR for Windows 10 Operating System

KMS Activator Windows 10 activates the system in a fictitious way, and you can access the full functionality of Windows 10! It works today and how to download!

Attention! We do not encourage such use of the system and encourage you to use a licensed program.

The activation process is required for a particular user to confirm their right to use the software product of their choice. The definition of this term can be found in the Microsoft TechNet portal directory, where it is said that this action is required to ensure further use of the full functionality of the operating system. If you do not activate it, your computer may enter restricted functional access mode.

Verification of the right to use Windows is implemented with a special KMS key management system. The required digital combination can be obtained by purchasing a licensed version of the operating system. Special KMS activators have been invented for users looking for alternative solutions to the problem.

You can use such programs to perform the following actions:

  • check the current status of the system used;
  • select the appropriate button;
  • activates Windows itself and each software component (such as the popular package for handling different Office documents).


First of all, download the program you are interested in on your computer. The KMS Auto Activator program is most often used for these purposes. If the name “Net” appears after the name, you definitely need a special network service called the “.NET Framework” to work with the specified utility. If the activator name is “Lite,” you can activate it without using the service.

When activating, you need to consider which version of Windows you want to get yourself. Existing powerful key collection tools allow you to support options for different operating systems: both the “Home” and “Pro” versions.

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The activator confirms the ability to select keys and use Windows not on an official Microsoft resource but its own computer. This allows the operation to be performed without the use of official keys.

The program includes using the scheduler mode, which allows you to activate the system regularly after a set period of time. This resource can be used to maintain the health of not only Windows but also Office. There are options for setting IP addresses and collecting web analytics using the Log Analyzer service for advanced users.


If you want to download a free KMS activator for Windows 10, what resources should you use? You can search for:

  • special pages;
  • forums;
  • torrent trackers.

The popular KMS Auto Activator update has been released annually: 2015, 2016, and 2017 versions are available online. So one version of the 2016 program can be downloaded below:


One possible software option is the mini version, in which the KMS activator affects the operation of the Office Suite 2010 edition. This software option is also free to download:

The program, like the activators for Windows itself, has several basic options:

  • check the current status;
  • restore the trial version;
  • selection of keys;
  • system activation.

Another office activation program is called Re-Loader Activator.

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