How to disable ‘Snap Assist’ on your Windows 10

Snap assist is a famous program used by Windows clients, and this tool helps users move windows to the sides of the screen to decrease and reorder windows automatically, which helps to get two programs open in time real on the same screen. However, some users want to deactivate this program. On this occasion, we will help you discover how to do it.

How to disable the multitasking option in Windows?

Multitasking is a super Windows 10 program that helps us organize our work site in several windows to have a better experience when carrying out our tasks on the computer. In turn, it gives us to choice of the size that each will get—one of the programs we are using.

The Windows 10 operating system is a complete program for offering you numerous solutions to your problems, such as giving you the option of recovering your PC password. Indeed you are a user who likes to play from your PC, in some cases you have come to press a ‘shortcut’ key, which minimizes the game screen and takes you to the desktop, that is usually very cumbersome for you, or even though That is not your case, you are a customer who wants to disable the Windows multitasking option.


To perform this procedure from the system, follow the method: Press the ‘Windows’ key + I on your physical keyboard, which will take you to the ‘settings,’ then access the ‘system’ option and go to the ‘multitasking’ option, once there you can deactivate the option. I recommend that you have an antivirus downloaded on your pc to prevent access to any virtual threat that could damage your computer.


Cortana is a ‘personal productivity assistant,’ which helps you perform functions and save you time. This ‘tool’ is characterized by accessing computer applications, enabling us to find the information we want with the option of the ‘Bing search engine,’ in the same way, it creates help us to make notes and store them in ‘OneNote,’ activate and deactivate the alarms, it plays the music we want only if we ask it, that is, this tool has an endless number of functions that are very useful to us.

To do this, go to the option ‘ask me anything, which can be found in the ‘task bar’ next to ‘start.’ A microphone symbolizes this option. Use the ‘voice command‘ to make your request. In this case, we will ask you to deactivate the multitasking option and, as it is a personal assistant, it will do so automatically.

When deactivating this option, how will your desktop appear with several windows?

Windows 10 is very versatile when it comes to offering you many multitasking options, and even if you want to remove the ‘weather widget,’ the operating system gives you the alternative. The creators of Microsoft Windows 10 add the option of Snap to assist in making us get warnings easier when performing the different tasks on our computer.

Thanks to the activation of this option, we can monitor all the tasks that we are carrying out in real-time or simultaneously. Still, however, many deactivate the tool because it is very uncomfortable. The same deactivation causes a change in our screen.

By deactivating this option on our computer, our screen will be seen simply since you will not enjoy the advantages that this tool has of having the screen divided with up to four programs open in real-time and monitoring them all simultaneously.

How to configure your multi-window and customize its functions?

This program allows us to customize the PC to our liking. To configure our multi-window and customize it, we can use either the mousse by selecting the task view option, or with the keyboard press the ‘Alt-tab’ key to be able to change or see the possibilities; If you want to use several applications at the same time, choose above the app window and slide it in any direction and then choose the other app you want to use and it will automatically be attached to the screen.

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