There is a small problem with the latest update of Windows 10

The latest Windows 10 update, released on April 11, has caused several issues for users. Along with fixing some bugs in the system, update KB5025221 has led to problems with printing, selecting default programs, and Windows Update.

One of the issues that the update was meant to fix was the incorrect identification of USB printers as multimedia devices. However, it seems to have introduced more printer-related problems. According to Windows Latest, many users are reporting issues with scanning functions for printers like the Brother DCP-L2540DW following the update. Removing the KB5025221 update has resolved this problem.

Users of the Brother HL-L3210CW printer have also reported issues on the Microsoft forums. They have found that the printer does not work after the update, despite print data being sent successfully. Uninstalling the update has fixed this problem as well, although this carries some security risks.

Overall, while the Windows 10 update was meant to fix issues in the system, it seems to have caused more problems for users. If you are experiencing printer-related issues, removing the KB5025221 update may help resolve them. However, it is important to note that this may come with some security risks.

In addition to the issues with printing, the latest Windows 10 update has also caused problems with other features. Some users have experienced issues with the settings menu of the default applications. Specifically, when they open the Chrome browser, the default browser selection menu appears every time.

Moreover, Windows Update has also been problematic for some users. In some cases, it was difficult for the update to appear, and then it seemingly stopped downloading at 0 percent. However, the installation process was actually taking place in the background, which users could tell from the acceleration of the processor cooling.

These issues can be frustrating for users, as they interfere with the smooth functioning of their systems. It is important for Microsoft to address these problems as quickly as possible, to ensure that users can continue to use their devices without interruption. If you are experiencing any of these issues, you may want to consider seeking support or assistance from Microsoft or a qualified professional.

The only way to fix these bugs is by uninstalling the KB5025221 update, but doing so can put your computer at risk because it also removes the security fixes it released.

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