Ubisoft introduces our most special helper Chicharrón in Far Cry 6

On our necks is Far Cry 6, which, like its predecessors, won’t take itself so bloody. It’s enough to think of Chorizo, the slightly grotesque but cute dachshund.

Our similar helpers were already in the lead in Far Cy 5 with Cheeseburger, the bear, but Part 6 will bid on them too, because in addition to Chorizo, who pulls the mini cord, Chicharrón, the fighting rooster, will also come. Check out the introductory video below!

The video conferences the rooster in a whole creative way. It shows its story of origin and the process by which it will be fed up with the cruel animal battles and joins the resistance itself. The end of the story is hilarious, at least we think. But then you decide if it is!

In Far Cry 6, we can command or play the liberator on an island called Yara against a dictator named Antón Castillo, who came to power through a coup, so many are very much in the mood. We can develop weapons in the usual way during the game, dating in the open world with our hero named Dani Rojas to boycott the repressive regime.

Once again, we have several vehicles at our disposal to complete the missions, and we can choose to choose a frontal attack rather than a tactical ambush attack in Rambo’s way. So the recipe and venue are familiar from Far Cry 3, but hopefully, the fun will be similar.

Far Cry 6 will be available on October 7, 2021, for PC (machine demand), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. You can read our preview here and find information about the content after the crazy appearance compared to Chicarrón.

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