Use this extension to edit PDFs in your browser

Reading and editing PDF files are two separate things, and the latter usually requires some program to be installed. This difficulty is overcome by a great plugin that can be added to Chrome and Edge browsers.

Anyone who has already opened a document with a PDF extension must have difficulty not typing it at least once. This usually happens when the workstation does not have the appropriate software installed. Let’s add: most users don’t use this at all, as it can be assumed that most of the documents received in an email (for example) can be opened in Word as well.

The ease of use of PDFs makes this an existing need. Fortunately, Adobe has recognized this: the software company had previously created an extension that now allows you to edit such files at a low-cost yet a little more knowledgeable level. And since it’s a device that can be added to browsers, you don’t have to open anything separately – everything will be there in our hands.

On the one hand, the development available for Edge and Chrome browsers allows the user to write comments or change the order of each page. The plugin also ensures that the file can be downloaded and printed as needed. These are free like the tools above.

However, operations such as converting a PDF to another format are already in the paid category – so the plugin does not allow this. But that’s not why the program was made.

As Adobe states in its announcement, the novelty is intended to quickly serve the most common tasks, utterly independent of the document’s content. From this point of view, it can even be used to edit marketing materials, financial statements, or business plans, for which many are likely to be grateful.

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