Xbox Series X / S: Nextgen machines become Microsoft’s fastest-selling consoles despite lack of inventory

What if there was a machine?

According to Microsoft’s financial report, journalist Tom Warren reported that the Xbox Series X / S has emerged as the company’s fastest-selling console to date. 

This was Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, stated though she did not say precisely how much of the nextgen gaming machines were sold, there are estimates to that effect.

Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, estimates that by June 30, 2021, 6.5 million Series X and S consoles were sold. Since their release, 5.7 million have been sold on the Xbox One and 5 million on the Xbox 360 in the same amount of time (these are also estimated).

Of course, it’s worth noting that despite the more robust launch of the Xbox One, they ended up selling more from the one older console. According to official Microsoft data, more than 84 million Xbox 360 were sold. At the same time, sales of the Xbox One were reported at only 10 million, which is quite eloquent (an estimated 50 million could have been sold).

The current report also revealed that Microsoft’s video player revenue grew by $357 million (11%) and Xbox hardware sales by 172% (apparently due to Series machines) during the quarter. Revenues from content (i.e., games) and services, on the other hand, fell 4% due to a lack of external titles. The Xbox Game Pass and Xbox’s games produced growth, but no numbers were shared in this regard.

For now, the PlayStation 5 seems to be a bit more popular, with Sony’s console sales already at 7.8 million at the end of March.

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