Xiaomi set a new record, charging a phone to 100 percent in 8 minutes

Xiaomi is already testing HyperCharge, which pumps energy into the device during a coffee break.

This time, Xiaomi came up with a solution that charges phones one hundred percent less time than usual. According to The Verge, the operation is a new (world) record, with a technology called HyperCharge pumped to maximum capacity in just 8 minutes with a modified Mi 11 Pro. A 4000 mAh battery powers this device.

HyperCharge is a 200W wired system that runs at twice the power of the manufacturer’s previous device. The final solution was slightly slower, taking 17 minutes to charge a smartphone with the same battery to 100 percent.

Xiaomi’s HyperCharge also supports wireless charging, although the power is reduced to 120 W. On the other hand, the charging rate can’t be called slow either, as it only requires a 15-minute wait for the device’s battery to creep to 100 percent.

In addition to Xiaomi, Oppo is also a leader in the competition for fast-charging technologies. The company is developing a technology called VOOC capable of compelling results even in its current state: during a demonstration last year, it charged a 4,000 mAh ax in 20 minutes with 125 watts of support.

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