A long-awaited New Feature is coming to the Playstation 5

Fortunately, Sony will continue to provide regular support for its console in the PlayStation 5th generation, so another update will be released soon, adding a lot of minors and a more considerable novelty to the PS5. 

The console manufacturer announced on the PlayStation Blog that the big update would be activated worldwide on September 15, the day after tomorrow. This will drastically change the use of the external SSD.

The PS5 was already expandable with external storage as it came out, as that 825GB internal SSD may prove to be small in addition to the size of the operating system and today’s games. From a hardware point of view, HDD and SSD have already been an option, but the upgrade allows us to pack an M.2 SSD into our machine and then install it, playing games from it, thus making the most of it the extra storage space.

It is important to note that only drives with a specific structure and size can be installed in the PlayStation 5, so Sony recommends that you visit the support page before purchasing a new SSD. You can view the installation instructions in the video below, and in the other, Sony summarized all the important new features of the PS5 update.

It’s also essential that TVs with built-in speakers enjoy 3D sound after installing the update, which is a specialty of the PlayStation 5, so you can finally enjoy this experience with more than just compatible headphones. However, we have to turn on the function manually in the sound settings on the console.

With the help of the DualSense microphone, we can roughly assess the room’s acoustics, so the 3D sound is adjusted to the specific space where we play. Plus, those with Pulse 3D Wireless Headsets come with an equalizer with the update.

In addition, several software innovations come with tomorrow’s update. You can customize what commands you can invoke in the Control Center, make it easier to send messages directly to your friends or groups through Game Base, and even break up entire groups without having to remove people one by one. PlayStation Now subscribers can choose between 720p and 1080p resolutions and test the connection to see why the gaming experience isn’t right.

In the game library and on the home screen, the installed games can now be clearly distinguished according to whether they are PS4 or PS5. The mobile application, the PS Remote Play App, is also augmented with several valuable things, such as remote control and mobile playback on both iOS and Android devices without Wi-Fi.

In addition to the PlayStation 5 owners, Sony has also thought of a small number of PS4 players, so it will be possible to see PS5 trophies with a PS4 profile as well as a PS4. It is also valid that the groups can already be removed from the old console. Users do not have to be removed from it individually.

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