Apple is making a “beast” out of the new MacBook: it will be even faster at the touch of a button

The most powerful MacBook Pro.

A code line change revealed that the new macOS system also includes a switch that further enhances the performance of the already most powerful MacBook Pro.

A MacRumors employee at Apple News has discovered a new “High Power Mode” in a more recent beta of the next macOS, Monterey. The feature, whose existence and the iPhone manufacturer has since confirmed authenticity, can further optimize system performance, making the Mac running it even faster.

But not all of them.

According to the discovery, the turbo gear will only be available on the 16-inch and M1 Max chip-equipped – that is, the almost most expensive – MacBook Pro. This also means that this change works with the M1 Pro or the original M1 chip and cannot be extended to expensive models anyway.

The turbo gear is not a new development in computing: there are countless devices on the market so far that you can gain extra power by pressing a button or moving a slider. In this case, the device works faster and can also be used for tasks that require more power. Apple’s solution serves a similar purpose, but its practical benefits are unknown.

The smaller of the newly introduced Apple machines, the 14-inch MacBook Pro, is also available with the M1 Max chip, so in principle, this machine is also compatible with the development.

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