The third generation of the iPhone SE is real and will be available in spring

The next Apple iPhone SE will be available in the second quarter of 2022, Mark Gurman, the editor of Bloomberg and specialist at the Cupertino firm, says in a new report. The terminal will be presented at a special spring event and accompanied by other launches such as the iPad Air 5 tablet and a new 27-inch iMac with ARM SoC under the silicon program.

This mobile will follow the line of the previous Apple SE and will be the most economical of the Cupertino factory. Its objective will be the same as the previous ones, to strengthen iPhone sales among users who want to access the iOS platform for the first time but do not have a budget for regular models, with much higher prices.

And it will be not only the cheapest but also the smallest, something that a part of users likes because of the excellent handling with one hand compared to the increase in screen size that has left mobile phones at the doors of the dimensions of a tablet.

Apple iPhone SE 3

Confirming previous information from the production channel in Asia, Bloomberg is betting on a design change based on the iPhone XR. And it is necessary to reduce the thickness and weight of the terminal and especially the screen bezels, today huge and incomprehensible to maintain for anyone who was not Apple. That means it will ditch the front power button and Touch ID for good in favor of a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, a well-known design from many Android phone series.

However, Apple would maintain the container size of the series (closer to 5 than 6 inches) so that the terminal could be used comfortably with one hand. The screen size has not been defined, and although its panel will use LCD technology, the only Apple mobile will not use OLED to keep prices low. We do not believe that Apple includes the facial recognition system, Face ID, for the same reasons.

As for its hardware base, it is rumored that it will be the responsibility of the A15 Bionic SoC that powers the iPhone 13. If confirmed, Apple’s small mobile would significantly increase its processing and visual performance and support 5G mobile networks for the first time in this series.

Although the contained price of previous models (about $399) will be maintained, it will offer versions with greater storage capacity for a higher price. In any case, this Apple iPhone SE will continue to be the cheapest device for users who want to access the iOS ecosystem. All previous and current indications speak of a spring launch at a special event where we will also see the new iPad Air 5 and a 27-inch iMac powered by Apple.

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